Photography by: World Red Eye

Miami Beach, FL – September 25, 2015 – In continuation of Thursday’s kick off party at Klima, Toys for Boys magazine settled in to an intimate & exclusive LOUIS XIII Dinner Experience hosted in honor of Issue Four cover star, Anil Arjandas. Nestled in the private dining room of Mr. Chow at the W South Beach, guests feasted on a multi-course meal complete with the restaurant’s signature duck. Put together in partnership with LOUIS XIII, guests were invited on a one century journey through the creation of the most prestigious spirit in the world. Victor Blanquart, LOUIS XIII ambassador hosted an intimate LOUIS XIII moment to share the fantastic legacy of ‘The King of Cognacs’, and invited the guests to enjoy ‘One Century in a glass’. Also punctuating the space were a careful selection of jewels courtesy of local jewelry outpost, Vault Worldwide. Notable attendees included Anil Arjandas, bloggers Ella Mois & Something Hippie, Vault Worldwide’s Yakir Shoushan, Luis Garcia Fanjul, Miami Heat’s Juwan Howard and his wife Jenine and many others.

Anil Arjandas & Ella Mois

Juwan & Jenine Howard, Lyndsey Mayer, Yakir Shoushan & Nikki Paliobeis

Anil Arjandas, Ella Mois, Maria & Luis Garcia Fanjul

Rafael Gill, Anil Arjandas & Victor Blanquart