Photography by: World Red Eye

Miami, FL – November 11, 2015 – Toys for Boys hosted a private preview of the newly anticipated Bond Lounge. Adding to the city’s ever­ evolving hospitality and nightlife scene, Bond Lounge will provide an after dinner­ into the night kind of spot that yields a pleasurable experience with a heightened level of intimacy and quality of service to upscale globetrotters of all ages. T​he décor is elevated with a vintage New York library vibe (smoking jacket and cigar not included). Design details include rich wood paneling, crown molding, bronze candlestick sconces, Casbah Crystal Chandeliers, and sophisticated tufted banquettes. Toys for Boys guests enjoyed the debut with VIP tables and bottle service sponsored by Belvedere and Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne. Notable Attendees included Toys for Boys founder Rafael Gill, Del Toro founder Matthew Chevallard, Fabrice Tardieu, Donae Burston, Ronald Vogel, Miss Universe Argentina Valentina Ferrer & Bond Lounge managing director Jessica Bobay.





Julian Rios, Julia Gourdon, Fabrice Tardieu & Camilo Rios

Cameron Cervera, Tony Cho, Jack Benmeleh, Tara Benmeleh & Ximena Cho

DJ Konflikt & Jessica Bobay

Matthew Chevellard, Jilian Sanz & Chris Dischino


Lyndon Smith & Gaudi Castro

Camilo Rios, Nandina Varela, Michelle Gill, Julian Rios, Rafael Gill & Valentina Ferrer



Kendall Jenner