Photography by: World Red Eye

Javier Martin

Miami, FL – October 26, 2016 – Spanish artist, Javier Martin has a thing or two to say about the way we see things. The visual artist’s commentary of superficiality in the sense of what is surface level is the epitome of a valuable life lesson tidily tied up, in a bow, if you will. And in an effort to celebrate his bold vision, Toys for Boys opened it’s doors to Martin and Valli Art Gallery for his “Blindness” solo exhibition. His Blindness Light series, for example uses beautiful portraits in which the eyes are blocked by neon lights in an effort to teach us about how we as a society have forgotten how to look any deeper–about social blindness. On another end, his works with deconstructed Louis Vuitton bags include rifles and grenades speak to an internal struggle for the materialistic and our desires for what he calls “dreamy objects,” making them sort of weapons for personal destruction. Perhaps the most obvious message was in 100 Dollar, a hundred dollar bill with a mirror where the face of Benjamin Franklin would normally be placed which confronts the viewer with his or her own idea of the power of money. The exhibition, which is now open to the public in the Toys for Boys gallery in Wynwood, was feted during a private opening hosted by partners, Jetsmarter. Some 200 VIPs were in attendance for the rare treat of an evening with the artist. Guests sipped Dobel tequila cocktails while engaging in a discussion with Martin, first hand.

Franco Valli, Javier Martin, & Rafael Gill

Stanley Lumax, Robert G. Zuckerman, & Joey Krutel

Camilo Rios White, Fabrice Tardieu, & Joey Krutel

Irma Martinez & Enrique Lopez

Renata Rosin, Paige Fairman, & Luisane Tatsch