Photography by: World Red Eye

Miami Beach, FL – May 12, 2016 – Toys for Boys is always celebrating the expansion and growth of their partners and Thursday was no exception as they celebrated the opening of a shop-in-shop within V.A.U.L.T Worldwide’s Lincoln Road-based jewelry and timepiece boutique. The celebration welcomed jewelry-designer and Instagram sensation, Anil Arjandas who flew across the pond to christen the eponymous boutique which now sits quaintly within the walls of Miami Beach’s premier luxury showcase. Fans of the brand from all corners of the globe as well as titans of industry and colleagues in the digital space showed up in droves to pay homage to the arrival of the Anil Arjandas brand.

Yakir Shoushan, Anil Arjandas & Rafael Gill

Lulu Leon Nunez,Paula Collarte, Nandina Varela & Danielle Barkhausen