Photography by: World Red Eye

Camilo Rios, Rafael Gill & Joe Alcantara

Miami, FL – February 24, 2016 – As part of Toys for Boys’ decided move towards supporting the developments that shape the future of our city, partnership with 1 hotel and homes was cemented on Tuesday night with an intimate gathering on the residences side at one of the unobstructed beach view penthouses. The raw unit acted as the perfect backdrop for VIP guests to interact amongst Chef Bun Lai personally whose creative, sustainable sushi is at the forefront of the pop-up restaurant concept that will be open to the public for the next month on the 1 Hotel rooftop and will be dubbed, Prey. On display was a blue chip collection of Japanese art kindly provided by Budja Gallery. The selection included pieces from the likes of Murakami, Nara, etc. Similarly looping on the walls was behind the scenes video content of a Toys for Boys exclusive photo shoot that celebrated the marriage between Chef Bun’s vision and 1 Hotel and Homes promise for quality across all platforms. Guests enjoyed sake infused cocktails, wine and champagne, while enjoying a sampling of some of Chef Lai’s specialties straight from the Chef himself. And as the masses arrived to christen the rooftop restaurant, TFB guests were whisked to a private section to enjoy the offerings, under the stars. 

Chef Bun Lai

Valentina Ferrer & Camilo Rios

Fabrice Tardieu, Dr. Jhonny Salomon, Rudolph Budja, Nicole Budja, & Eduardo Otaola

Jose Garcia, Alexa Falla, Suzi & Pepi Cancio

Fabiola Nunez, Monica Nunez, Michelle Gill & Maria Elena Uzcategui